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  1. The Green Shop says:

    Just seeing if this works…it does!
    Here’s a few of the most repeated comments people make about The Green Shop:

    a Tardis
    Aladdin’s Cave
    huge stock
    never seen anything like this
    wish we had a shop like this where we live

    Why a ‘Tardis’? Why an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’? Why do so many people want our shop to be where they live?

    Come and see for yourself.

  2. Could you share this information and petition amongst your customers please. Thank you 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you heard of Yester Farm Dairies? They are in Gifford (more local than Clyde!) and now do organic milk 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes, we know of Yester Farm Dairies, in fact we have bought our Organic milk from them for years. It is the only source we have of Organic milk which avoids Big Business and, happily, supplies from the closest Organic Dairy cows, but those cows are at Clyde Organics.
    Unfortunately, Yester’s own herd isn’t Organic, so they are just the “middle-men” in our supply chain and Clyde’s is the milk they distribute.
    UPDATE By July 2016 Yester had long-since abandoned the link with Clyde and we had turned to Yeo Valley whose Organic milk we could get through a wholesaler. We then added Graham’s Dairy on a second day and have recently added Mossgeil unhomogenised. Too much milk? Perhaps, we’ll see how it sells.

  5. Joycelyn says:

    Excellent blog you have here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  6. Umm…Joycelyn, if this is real: thank you. If it isn’t, still thank you.

    Other comments which have been left were asking how to ‘do’ blogs and related computer stuff. The truth is: we don’t really know. Every time we open this up it’s like a brand new mystery all over again. We really do not know, we just muddle. Can’t you tell?
    I think the secret would be to spend a lot of time on it, practice makes perfect and all that and frankly we couldn’t stand chasing after internet stuff for more than a few minutes a week.
    Don’t really like the internet that much.

  7. Rachell says:

    Book marked! Thanks for this highly valuable post. You have introduced countless amazing insights in a very coherent way.
    I’m indebted to you!

  8. Sue Baines-MacNeill says:

    It was great to find your shop today. Saw a man with paper bags of veg, who pointed us in the right direction. You combine the best of all the “green” shops we’ve ever been in. Can’t wait to come back

  9. Hi Sue,
    Thank you very much for the comments. You have no idea how heartening it is to hear appreciation from a customer. It makes it all worth while…and believe us when we say: it is mutual! We love our customers.

  10. graham932 says:

    One of the best sites I’ve been all the way through. Made me laugh lots. And good to see that your lifelong commitment to all things green and good hasn’t dented your sense of humour. Thanks for all your help last weekend.

  11. Excellent! Thank-you.

  12. Sammy says:

    Cracking shop. Only visit when we are at out caravan but always pop in for a look around and to buy my favourite eggs, border biggies. Kids love em! We are down for a break and looking forward to wandering into town and visiting the green shop.

  13. Lainey says:

    Love, love luuuurve the shop!! I love the ethos behind all you sell and it just shows when you have these values what beautiful and interesting things there are to choose from. I know you said you don’t really like the internet but would you consider having an online shop?….or have I just said a naughty word?

  14. Hi, Thanks Sammy and Lainey. (Hmm, as you see I don’t come here so often these days – too much to do and F’book seems to have taken over. Bizarre, I know.) On line shop? We vaguely dabbled some years ago, but to tell you the truth my heart wasn’t real in it, so it withered and ceased. The thing is: we’re a shop, on a shopping street. ‘On-line’ kind of goes against all of that. We know that such a market exists, although we don’t really know at what level that might be, but I think that’s something for the next owners of the business to explore. Not that we’re going anywhere soon, but we are starting to think of how The Green Shop might continue once we’re gone. In the meantime, we have always managed to post stuff to people when asked. So, if you know what you want and think we might have it we could do that (Canada is the furthest we’ve sent something to date). Contact as ever is 01289 305566 or shopgreen@gmail.com Cheers, Ross

  15. John Warren says:

    Love your refreshingly honest approach to retail,

  16. Cheers John. See – I do come back here every once in a while. Welcome to the electronic age where it still takes 3 months to get a reply from The Green Shop. Marvellous, really.

  17. Evelyn Wright says:

    I love your shop which I visited while staying with my daughter recently. I bought quite a few things and all the foodstuff has been so delicious. I do wish you could do a postal service as I’d love to order more.

  18. Gill Gibbens says:

    Hi Ross and Pauline
    Do you have any acceptable paper plates that can be washed and reused?
    Thanks Gill

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