A virtual tour of The Green Shop (google maps street view – but INSIDE!).



Two links? Overkill.

Amaze your friends with your intimate knowledge of everybody’s favourite shop.

It’s the internet sensation sweeping the nation. Nae kiddin’. Across the globe, right now, people are hosting Green Shop Parties. Challenge your friends to: Find the baked beans! Or, for those cosy, more intimate evenings, try a post-dinner, slow and relaxing game of: Where’s the soap? From far-flung corners to next-door neighbours the call is heard: HEY, WE’RE HAVING A GSP, D’YOU WANT IN? OH YEAH, LET ME FIND THAT RICE! – you may have to sell tickets.

How cool can you get? Check out the fridges and freezers.

Men: be the envy of your mates and the adored of your girls by knowing exactly where the jewellery is.

Ladies: when you send him shopping, don’t just give him a list, give him directions.

What next? Well we’re working on scratch’n’sniff, but that might take a while. Until that blessed day why not sigh at the scintillating selection of socks. Wow a lot at the wonderful world of washing-up liquids. Feel (virtually) the fantastic Fair Trade Fabrics. Cheer at the cheerily cheerful choice of chocolate. Gloat over gluten-free. Pause and pant at the plethora of pastas. Lust after Local. Orga

nise your Organic shopping before leaving home.

Laid bare, warts and all, The Green Shop in a mid-week in January 2016. And you have it all to yourself. We think it’s pretty neat. Hope you enjoy.