Organic means leaving a living soil for future generations.

Not relying on resource-heavy, manufactured fertilizers and pesticides. Not seeing crops and animals becoming dependent on them, contaminated with them and land sterile without them. Organic uses natural ingredients and controls to both preserve and enhance the soil’s own fertility and Nature’s inbuilt resistance. You can see it on the land and taste it in the food.

Worth remembering that Organic has seen us safely through all of human history until as recently as the 1950s, when agriculture became increasingly chemical. Of course it wasn’t called Organic then, it was just Farming and Food.

How come people can now say “Oh, I don’t want that Organic stuff, I just like ordinary food”? How did chemical-impregnated garbage become ‘conventional’ while just food became ‘odd’? Brave New World, Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Farenheit 451 – don’t pretend to have read them, read them now. Funny how fiction got it right. We were well warned, we just didn’t listen. We’re still not listening. What was normal is eccentric, what was perverse is expected. And it has all been done in the name of Profit!

The Soil Association was the first to produce a set of Organic Standards which became the template for all others across the globe.

Biodynamic takes Organic further, aiming at a closed farm: animals, crops, humans – all part of a self-contained and self-sustaining cycle. Look for the word Demeter on the label. Our own, in-house, Organic products are certified by the Biodynamic Association (BDA) and are marked with: GB-ORG-06.

All, and only, Certified Organic forbids the use of GM and only certification guarantees Organic!

Organic: why accept anything less? I mean, really: why on earth would you?


Foods, of course, from Rice and Flour, through Fresh and Frozen, to Pasta Sauces, Beers, Wines and Spirits. Particularly extensive are our ranges of Teas, Coffees and CHOCOLATE. We have Eggs. We sell Milk, Cheeses, Butters, Yoghurts, Soya Yoghurts (still “live”) and Savouries, all in chill cabinets (I think we had Berwick’s first commercial green chiller, using Greenfreeze technology, way back in 19blah-something – I’ll need to look that up). Fresh Fruit and Veg have been available on a weekly basis since 1996 (it began with Mushrooms) and Fresh and Frozen Meats.

There are also Essential Oils. Shirts, Socks, T-Shirts, Trousers, Tissues and Toiletries. Nappies and Baby Clothes. Pet Food (they deserve Organic, too). Seeds for the garden as well as Seeds to eat and sprout. No end, really.

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