Yeah we liked the Mission and the Sisters, but then we go back to Floyd, Sabbath, the Fairies and Hawkwind…ah, such happy daze.

Is that it? Is that what’s needed? Odd thing then, this Mission Statement business. I mean, why The Mission? Why not a Deep Purple Proclamation, a Fishy Manifesto or just a Report: Ten Year’s After?

Oh well, only too pleased to keep up with the times y’know!

Pip pip.

Let’s face it, most Mission Statements should comprise these three words: To Maximise Profit and nothing else. That reflects the normal business model of wanting money and selling products or services to get it. The wording, however, always conveys a cuddly feel from a friendly, trustworthy outfit. Hmm.

The Green Shop really did enter the field from the other side. We wanted to sell only environmentally-friendly things and we hoped to scratch a living by doing so.


Really odd, if you think about it.

Our Mission Statement might be taking the mickey, but it is honest.