Local for us means within a 20 mile radius of The Green Shop…although, we source very little from the eastern half of that circle. It’s probably Geography.

Why 20 miles? On opening, we took our Local to be: Newcastle to Edinburgh. It isn’t. Berwick has little in common with either and while 60 miles might be Regional it certainly isn’t Local. So we thought for a bit and decided 20 miles was about right.

And the Border? Stuff it! This is Berwick. Our hinterland is more Scots than English. The horrors of history have left their mark on people and place, but now there’s a magic about the borderlands and we recognise and appreciate our shared heritage and the beauty of the land. You’d think that by the 21st Century humanity would be capable of bringing the barriers down.

20 miles. It’s getting on for the distance between the old market towns, putting it on a very human scale. And that’s already a 40 mile round trip. Within these 20 miles we have all we need. Creative products and talented people. This is our community and we support it.

Time to Explore gives a flavour of what Berwick has to offer. Mouth of The Tweed is an interesting project (one that Ross is involved in) aiming to create a single marketing point for Berwick based around Food and Berwick’s unique Food Heritage. If you think it feels right, please, register your interest via the website and support us.


– 7.8.17 THE GREAT NORTHUMBERLAND BREAD COMPANY For reasons of Matthew’s sanity GNBCo have stopped supplying shops: still doing Farmer’s Markets. So, we have lost our Friday morning fresh bread supply. Wailey-wailey!

– 14.7.14. THE THIRD ANNUAL MOUTH OF THE TWEED FOOD FESTIVAL is on the Quayside and in the Granary/YHA Courtyard this Thursday. See ‘This Week’ for more detail.

– 29.5.14. Mouth of the Tweed River Trips. The season proper begins this Thursday and Friday.

– 21.5.14. NEW BAKER! Thursday sees the arrival of fresh-baked Local sweet & savoury bites from Ancroft’s JELLY BAKERS. We trialled these some weeks ago and this week we will begin to stock a variety of lines (Almondines, Pasties, Croissants to name but a few). Why not give ’em a try? Lots of the ingredients are Organic and from this shop. Thursday from 9am … Thursday … hmm, not quite a Vote and a Vol-au-vant, but definitely a Cross and a Croissant!

– 5.5.14. NEW BOOK ON SALE. Willie Robson’s Reflections on Beekeeping. Not that I follow all of the technical stuff of keeping bees, but it’s a fascinating read from a man and a family who are experts. Written as if Willie was there, talking to you, it’s easy and accessible. Great stuff from a renowned local man.

– 17.3.14. Following the awful news of Heatherslaw Bakery closing last week, here’s notice for any business with links to food (however tenuous) of Mouth of The Tweed‘s ‘open’ afternoon 2-6pm and evening annual members’ meeting 7-9pm, on Monday 31st March in the Parish Centre (in the grounds of the Parish Church, off the Parade car-park).    Businesses are invited to come in the afternoon and chat informaly about what MotT’s aims are, our achievements and plans and how local businesses can work together and help each other.    Food producers, B&Bs, Pubs and Cafes, Retail- anyone involved with food and within 16 miles of Berwick – this is for you!

– BY-THE-WAY, Heatherslaw Bakery and Heatherslaw Mill were always separate businesses. The Mill is not affected by the Bakery’s demise.

– 11.3.14. Awful news: Heatherslaw Bakery are to cease trading this week on Friday. We thank Colin, his family and their employees for all they have achieved over the 20 or more years of this wonderful business. We are truly saddened by this news.


Fresh Artisan Breads: 9am Friday – but you’d better be quick! Orders for bread by close Tuesday, please. Fresh Fruit & Veg in season. Honey. Beeswax. Honey and Beeswax-based Toiletries. Candles. Flours, Muesli, Porridge, Oatmeals and other Cereals. Cakes, Tarts and Biscuits. Preserves: Jams, Marmalades, Jellies and Chutneys. Dried Herb & Spice Mixes. Fresh and Frozen Organic Meats (Organic Haggis, would you believe?). Organic Eggs (and that means Free-Range, too). Plus, the world renowned Lindisfarne Mead and Fudge. 

We also have Wood Turnings and from time-to-time Ceramics, Carvings and Metalwork. 

See: Chain Bridge    Windshiel Farm   Peelham Farm   The Great Northumberland Bread Company

Seasonal: Where, but The Green Shop, could you find 22 (twenty-two!) varieties of Apple, all grown within 20 miles of the shop, on sale in one day? Autumn’s good.