It’s a big issue because so much corporate money has been invested in it. The science is exciting, the promised profits unimaginable, but the risks are all ours. The Green Shop is an anti-GM campaigner and has been actively so since ’96.

Do you value choice? Already, the only guaranteed way of avoiding GM is to buy Certified Organic.

How come it got so big? How did it happen so quick? Because one firm (Monsanto) was over-reliant on one product (Roundup) for its profits and that weedkiller was about to run out of Patent – meaning it could be copied and the copies would take away sales. To keep the poison selling, Monsanto bought a soya bean (Roundup Ready) which had been genetically modified to resist such glyphosate weedkillers. Patent = Ownership, so now when farmers buy that crop they have to buy that weedkiller, too. Ka-ching!

You’ll understand that other companies, not daring to be left behind, were quick to follow but you’d hardly credit just how nasty this industry is, in trying to force their irrelevant products down our throats. GM is a result of global corporate dominance – the new and very real political totalitarianism.

Every promise about and claim for GM has, so far, proven false.

The guinea pigs in this, the biggest experiment in human history, are us, the human population. And it is an experiment. With GM, there are too many unknowns, too many possible permutations to be predicted, let alone tested. The trials are live, global and altering our entire food supply. The threat is to every single living thing (cue: thunder!).

Yes, it really is that dramatic.

Whatever the effects, good or bad, they will be irreversible: the results unknown for months, years, perhaps generations. If ever there was a need to proceed with caution, to have constant monitoring and strict controls, then this is it.

The Green Shop is GM free and will remain so. It’s up to you…and economics. Your choice will make a difference. What you buy and what you don’t buy, where you spend and where you don’t spend, these things really do matter.


Be aware. Be informed. GMWatch and Corporate Watch are great places to start – oh, and read Private Eye.


The Green Shop has a policy of not stocking anything from a GM (Genetically Modified) source. We go further; we will not support GM in agriculture even when it’s at a distance, as examples: we delisted the Provamel/Alpro brands when we discovered that they are owned by one of the world’s top GM-promoting businesses; and we will not stock soya wax candles (it’s ALL from GM soy).

The biggest GM import into both Europe and the UK is Animal Feed and the vast bulk of that goes to the Dairy Herd. It is now all but impossible to source any non-Organic dairy product from cows not fed on GM.

Did we ask for this; have we been told; is it labelled? No.

Therefore, we are not restocking any of our non-Organic food lines containing dairy (milk, butter, cream, cheese, yoghurt, casein, whey, [animal] ghee, lactose, [animal] rennet – and they’re just the obvious ones – you’d be surprised!). We are losing quite a bit of product: some gluten-free, not a little Fair-Trade and one major Local casualty.

Is Organic ok? Yes. Organic standards forbid the use of any GM. However, we are keeping a wary eye on U.S. standards – already weak, they seem the most vulnerable to abuse and change – doomed, if TTP and TTIP go through.

There is nothing good about this. Not from our own commercial point-of-view, not from a health and safety point-of-view, not from a democratic (sorry, over used word) point-of-view and certainly not from the point-of-view of ‘choice’.

Apart from the GM industry itself, the only beneficiaries we can think of are vegans. Because? The percentage of Green Shop stock suitable for vegans, already well over 60%, just went up. But the truth is that, long-term, GM-creep won’t be good for vegans, either.

Is ‘vegan’ a GM-free guarantee? Alas, no. There are other ingredients to worry about, but vegans should be safe from GM in our shop.

The ONLY ways to guarantee a GM-free diet are to eat Organic, or grow your own – but watch out, GM seeds might already be here, they’re certainly coming and they won’t be labelled.

Of interest…

To date, 19 EU countries (not the UK) have opted not to grow GM crops.

Of course this will no longer be an option if TTP and TTIP are accepted.

17.2.14 Breaking news on the Beeb: Scientists have come closer to perfecting a genetically-modified blight-resistant spud.  You should know that for over twenty years UK Organic growers have solved this problem by growing naturally blight-resistant potatoes from tubers originating in eastern Europe. Yet again the question arises: GM – why? If the answer isn’t for Control and Profit then I shop at Asda/Tesco/Aldi/Morrisons/Coop. This follows January’s announcement of a tomato (another tomato…poor tomatoes) modified to carry a purple pigment. Benefit? To give us the goodness found in blueberries. Well, we could just eat blueberries but the corporations don’t (yet) own them!

– We were given a newspaper cutting from Independent from 24th or 25th January 2014 with the exciting news that crops (a relative of flax/linseed) are to be modified to give extra Omega 3 to feed to farmed fish which can’t get enough Omega 3 because they are farmed and not wild. This ‘news’ dates back to at least 2009. So, a man-made ‘solution’ creates a problem requiring another level of man-made intervention to rectify the situation…and bring who knows what problems next? Doesn’t this strike you as insane? There’s enough Omega 3 in flax – why not just use that instead of this unnecessary interference? Why farm fish anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot…it’s to feed the world. The solution to world hunger lies in eating less meat, making such meat as we do consume Organic and allowing people to grow the crops they need, not the ones global business dictates. It could be so simple, so safe and so easily done. Every time YOU shop you make choices which either help or harm.

– 21.1.14 IN THE NEWS: Antibiotic Resistance a threat to human life expectancy. Over-use and inappropriate use in medicine and agriculture (livestock being particularly cited) have helped bacteria to evolve faster than new antibiotics can be found. No suprise and nothing new. Fleming himself predicted this! The danger is now very, very real. One massive over-use NOT mentioned in the media is the stupid blanket addition of antibiotics to ALL early generation GM crops – and they are not only the ones in our food chain now but also IMPOSSIBLE to now remove. You are what you eat and the bacteria inside humans loved it. Anti-GM campaigns have highlighted this danger from the beginnings of GM in agriculture. All GM does is exacerbate the known problems of pests. How many times? Eat Organic! – Didn’t a dumb government minister recently say that the UK would be a farming “museum” if we did not embrace GM? In reality, if we avoid GM we might will be the place the rest of the world comes to begging for ‘clean’ seed.

– 17.1.14 EUROPE REJECTS GM MAIZE. However, your help is still needed. Follow the link: For some considerable time after this news broke there was NOTHING on BBC, SKY or other mainstream media. That tells its own quite serious story. Trust yourself not the mainstream. They have their own agenda and it is not yours!

– January 2014. Another Green Shop best-seller hits the dust! We’ve ditched our super selling range of scented candles. Why? Well, it seems that ALL soya wax used in the UK for making candles comes from US genetically modified soy. The industry will tell you first off that the wax is not from GM, then they’ll admit it is from the States and finally they’ll allow that it is in fact from GM soya but that there is “no trace of GM” in the wax. A couple of points to make: 1) we know that the GM industry can be very selective both in what testing they allow and in what results they release so we’re not convinced that no GM remains in the wax but 2) more importantly – buying soy-based candles is just giving GM soya an extra market and thus supporting the viability of a GM crop. So we’re having none of it. Soy-based candles are off our shelves. Happily we are replacing them with LOCALLY made candles from Essential Candles.

14.9.12 Well worth watching:  A 30 minute film quietly explaining the importance of global seed biodiversity and exposing some of the many failures of GM agriculture in a rant-free (clearly not one of mine, then) narrative (thanks to East Coast Organics for pointing this one out, we had missed it).

18.9.12 And there’s this 24 minute Q&A session: with Jeffrey Smith (who’s book Seeds of Deception we highly recommend).

15.2.13 This is fun: An animated short. Thanks to Graham White.

7.4.13 Another link from Graham White (thanks again) although I had already heard about this. It’s new, long and gratingly American (showing why we really need an independent BBC – if only we had a really independent BBC) and some of it not for the squeamish, but superb. The Pharmaceutical industry is the Biotech industry is the Agrochemical industry; they control our media, our science, our governments, our food. Um…enjoy!

17.1.14 EUROPE REJECTS GM MAIZE. However, your help is still needed. Follow the link:  Interesting to note NOTHING on SKY or BBC news as this broke. You should trust yourself not the media! They have an agenda which is not yours.