The Green Shop
30 Bridge Street, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 1AQ

The only way to see The Green Shop is to be in The Green Shop…but, you could try our Virtual Tour page to whet your appetite.

Oh-ho, a map! That’s handy.

Of course, it’s a slightly inaccurate map, but then that’s modern for you. We’re to the left of the crazy blue blobby thing, opposite the entrance to Bridge Street’s free* (2 hour) car park – on the other side of a slate roof, under the red-tiled one (Satellite image! Satellite image!).

Don’t believe everything you see in cyberspace. For example: that big blue blobby thing? It isn’t there. We’ve looked.

* When is ‘free’ not ‘free’? When it’s Northumberland County Council charging £1 for a compulsory parking ‘clock’ which then allows you to park for free…but you’ve already paid one pound…yes but, for a ‘clock’, not for parking…ah, so a pound for a ‘clock’ without which I can not park for free? Yes. Or more simply: a pound for a ‘clock’ without which I can not park? Er…yes but, its still ‘free parking’. Ah, language and bureauc rats. Hmm, I can think of several words for them, all beginning with ‘b’.