Not under the Cruelty-free, Fair Trade, Local or Organic headings, but still Greener than Robin Hood’s Underpants!

Recycled (new products made from old raw materials and definitely not second-hand), Low-energy (using less of the earth’s resources than similar products), Natural (where the mainstream is decidedly not so). Ethical. Chemical-Free. Recyclable. Re-usable. Supportive. Doing no harm.

In a money-driven world your spending counts. In fact, how you spend your money is the only real Vote you have in our Corporate-compliant democracy.

Give Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace a look. We have no connection with either organisation, but we applaud the great effort they each expend on behalf of us all.

GREEN SHOP – GREEN STOCK: Eco-friendly; every one.

Brushes. Bags. (W)Heat Bags. Deodorants. Clothes-lines and Pegs. Tampons. Nappies. Books. Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Folders and Files. Glass – bottles, flutes, goblets, jugs, tumblers, beer and wine glasses. Clocks. Socks. Candles. Water Bottles. Bottled Water (not only from an Organic catchment but also the closest source of bottled water to Berwick). Card and Board Games, Balloons. Tissues. Toothbrushes. Kitchen Foil. Toilet Rolls and Kitchen Towels. A4 Paper Reams. Lamps, Low-Energy Bulbs. Sprouting Trays. Household Gloves, Gardening Gloves. Cat Litter (as used by some Rabbits we know). Scouring Pads and Dusters. Ear Candles and Carrier Oils and more and more and bore and bore. There’s just so much! Come and see for yourself.