We do not believe that what we put in or on our bodies or clean our houses with should be tested on animals. We’re talking lipstick and washing-up liquid, for goodness sake!

It’s not like cats go around drinking coffee so why inject their stomachs with the stuff? They even strapped monkeys into cars and crashed them to check the seat belts. Who needs this? Not the cats, not the monkeys, not us.

Some claim Cruelty-free but work to a 5-year Rolling Rule where they undertake no product or ingredient has been tested on animals in the last five years (2012: 2007). But the years roll, so by 2017 the cut-off will be 2012. The message is: keep testing on animals ’cause we’ll be your customer in just five years time!

We only stock bodycare and household cleaners from firms adhering to a Fixed Cut-Off Date. A date is chosen (could be any date: 1972, ’97, 25.12.11) beyond which no product or ingredient can have been tested on animals. That date can’t change, it’s fixed. The door to testing is shut. We need written statements from a business declaring fixed cut-off before we stock their stuff.

But – we go further. We insist that the fixed cut-off declaration also covers any parent, sister or daughter company and their products and ingredients too. Our policy has long been based on the work of Naturewatch. Check ’em out.

We’ve closed our shopping to animal-testing. Will you?


Shampoo and Conditioner. Soap (a large selection). Toothpastes (with and without fluoride – it’s the brushing that cleans your teeth, folks). Make-up. Bath Bombs. Deodorants. Lotions, Creams and Cleansers for Face, Body, Hands and Feet. Hair Tints. A large variety of personal care products in which to luxuriate and with which to pamper yourself.

More mundane, perhaps, but no less necessary: Washing-up Liquid (and Refills). Washing Powder. Laundry Liquid (and Refills). Multi-Surface, Kitchen, Bath and Toilet cleaners. Disinfectant, Degreasers, in fact, all manner of safe and effective help in caring for your home.

1.4.17 – a post onto our Facebook page which included a link to Naturewatch.

Over the years, including just recently, we have struggled to get the Naturewatch point across to our potential suppliers. We usually get there in the end. The Leaping Bunny logo is simple and recognisable, but not quite good enough. Cruelty Free International (CFI), formerly BUAV have played catch-up with Naturewatch for years. They were very late in going for a Fixed Cut-Off Date – a vital weapon in the fight against animal-testing. And, even now, still endorse brands where the parent company tests on animals – and that’s a huge loophole. I’m not knocking what CFI do, I’m setting the record straight, highlighting the limitations of the standards behind the logo and inviting them to rise to the level of Naturewatch. The Leaping Bunny is a good start, but Naturewatch is the business!